About Us

SWSKH is a Non-government, Non-profit and Non-political organization established on 2015 as per society registration Act rule of Pakistan and public trust Act-1950. It works for poor, tribal and rural peoples so that they can be educated, empowered and develop their own social and economic status to support their sustainable development. 

Please Rise Your Helping Hand

Around millions of people gets affected during these calamities and left people traumatised by the death of the family, relatives and friends, loss of livelihood, food & water famine and so many vulnerabilities. The impact is quite high and increased dramatically in the last years too. In fact, it is expecting that this trend will rise in the coming years.

Therefore, it has become vital to figure out the solution and measures to deal with this problem and for this disaster relief organisation like DevaMitra has come forward to deal with this trouble effectively.

The disaster relief organisations are providing help to the people undergone with this disaster and became vulnerable in the time of need. However, it’s the first case where people whether rich or poor becomes vulnerable and calls for help. That’s why apart from imparting social and economic help to the poor, they have also taken their initiative for this and working as a disaster relief organisations. Here, they are working their best and providing the utmost care to the people.

This ethical step towards their help is not more than any ray of hope in the darkness they are at that time. Similarly, we people too should come forward for their moral support and pull out from their sufferings of those times.

Our Mission

To empower Child and women to bring social awareness in Bad habits, tribal and other poor people towards their right of education, health and social-economical development.

Our Vision

The main vision of the organization is to educate, empower the women and child health facility, overall development of poor, rural areas people of Province Punjab.

Our Values

The organization works extensively in the District Sheikhupura and trains pupil from various government offices in the district. The NGO has achieved the Best District NGO award in district. The organization is actively involved in the coordination process of the voluntary activities in the NGOs of Sheikhupura district. The dedicated Members of SWSKH are young, educated and experienced professionals, having deep knowledge of fieldwork. With the continuous efforts of dedicated and experienced professional social workers.

Founder & Volunteers

We make a difference in the lives of people during a very traumatic time in their life. Meeting their medical transport needs eases their burden.

Muhammad Afzal Nizami


Muhammd Aslam



Communication Manager